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Welcome to If you've heard of that tv show, Supernatural, you may already know about us. There's a psychic out there who seems to follow our every move (though sometimes he changes the facts a bit... for television, I guess). Here's the truth - demons are real. Vampires are real. Monsters are real. It's up to us to hunt them. That's what we do. We're hunters.

We can't do it alone. Ok, we can, we just don't want to. That's where you come in. We've set up a series of tasks to see if you're up to the challenges we face every day. Hope you enjoy research... if you join the challenge, you may be in for quite a bit (plus that way I don't have to do it all). There's a new task on the way. Watch our Home Page and Forums for more.

(I "might" be willing to help you out a bit. If you need some help or have more questions, e-mail me,, or my webmistress, Mattie,